Apple Q1 2018 Earnings Call Announced For 1st February

Apple Q1 2018 Earnings Call

Apple has announced that its Q1 2018 earnings call will take place on the 1st of February 2018. the company will announce its first financial results that will include sales of their new iPhone X.

The company has sales of $52.6 billion in their last financial quarter and they are predicting a large increase in this new financial quarter.

Apple are expecting gross revenue of between $84 and $87 billion for the quarter. They are also expecting a gross margin of between 38 and 38.5 percent.

It will be interesting to see how many iPhones Apple have sold, whilst they will not break it down into individual models, it will give us an idea of how well the new iPhone is doing.

Apple previously said that their new iPhone X is their most popular iPhone to date, people do not appear to be out off by the $1,000 price

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