Apple To Replace iPhone Batteries Even If They Pass Genius Bar Test

iPhone Batteries

Apple previously announced that it would replace any degraded batteries in the iPhone6 and above for a lower price of $29. This was after it was discovered that Apple were slowing down some iPhones with degraded batteries in orders to stop the handsets shutting down.

Apple has now confirmed that it will replace all batteries in the iPhone 6 and above for the $29 fee whether or not they pass the Genius Bar diagnostic tests.

Previously Apple said that they would replace any battery that needed replacing in the iPhone 6 or later, this means that the battery would have to fail the genius bar tests for the battery. In order to fail the test the battery needed to have less than 80% of its original capacity.

Now it has been revealed that Apple will replace any battery for the $29 fee in the iPhone 6 and above, this has been confirmed by the guys over at MacRumors.

Source MacRumors

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